Arpoador/Leblon | photo © Ana Luiza Mattos
We are 2 brazilian licensed guides really fond of our work which consists in presenting our so unique city, RIO de JANEIRO and surroundings (coffee traditional farms, rustic islands, forests, beaches, highlights, folcloric shows...) to the whole world. South America and other touristics brazilian points can also being visited with us guiding you personnaly.
It 'll be a great pleasure to make your trip an unforgettable experience by doing the best we can do for your happiness in our country.

From the age of 15 I was fortunate to experience what it was like to be a tourist and to travel through different continents, learning about different cultures and languages. I enjoyed it so much I decided to become a flight attendant with Varig International Lines and for 10 years travelling was my life and my so pleasant job.
Today I realise that best of all was finding out what ideas the guides had and how they managed when faced with unusual or difficult situations whilst working with travellers from all over the world. My work with Varig (in first class) also helped me to develop and improve my ability to quickly sense and recognise the needs, expectations and even the fears of my international passengers.
In trying to put this skill to good use, I became a government tourist guide for eight years in the city where I was born; the city I learned to love and the one I know best – RIO DE JANEIRO.
It will give me great pleasure to make your trip to Rio a surprising and unforgettable one. You will discover history, old curiosities, art, fun and sport, all through my Carioca and Brazilian style. If you haven’t heard about it, come and check it out. I promise to show you this and much more.
Heloisa Maes & Flávia Santos